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Choose the right space for you and your team

A coworking space isn't just a space, it is a chance for you and your work to coexist amidst a set of like-minded people with diverse career backgrounds.
We are an exclusive coworking space, who aim to emphasize on getting together an interesting mix of professionals and entrepreneurs in a thriving, stimulating and socially productive environment.
The next time someone asks where you office is won't have to mumble or give vague answers!
Get out of your homes and let coffee shops be; gather at a place where your work is respected!

Choose the right space for your venture


Our Coworking Space offers a flexible variety of options, all geared towards you and your professional needs. Whether you’re a team leader or a freelancer - we’re the working space for you! At 5B Colab you’ll find the best facilities and the most supportive environment for creativity and growth. Have a look at our options below and get in touch today!


Focused & Flexible

At 5B Colab, our custom workspace options can be adapted to all your professional needs. This is a great option for freelancers and startups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. Not to mention our Coworking Desks come with high-speed internet, printing services and more.


Your clients are just as important as ours

Coming to Ahmedabad every fortnight for team/client meetings? Inquire about out Flexible Meeting Room packages to avail the best of both worlds - be remote, be mobile and yet always have an office to go to when in need. No more cafe and restaurant meetings for you anymore!


For a team of One to 10 members

Our Private Office Spaces are great if you’re looking for consistency and quality with a workspace. 5B Colab provides secure access so you can rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable environment to be productive. Enjoy the vibe of a traditional office with the benefits of all our amenities and community events.

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